• £3.80 - 1 Adult & 1 baby under 9 months

  • £4.80 - 1 Adult & 1 child over 9 months

  • £1.20 - Extra child (over 9 months/under 4 years)

  • £1.50 - Extra child (5 years & over)

  • £2.50 - Extra Adult (Grandparents etc)

Prices are for one session only which includes refreshments for the child and adult.

Payment can be made by Cash & Card

(But cash only at our Staverton sessions)


What Happens?

Children are encouraged to join in by dancing and singing along with the music. Most of the songs are well known or easy to learn. We have lots of props and puppets to accompany the music and a large parachute to run underneath as it bellows in the air!


Adults can sit and relax or join in as much or as little as you like. We ensure that every child's age and abilities are catered for so that each child goes home happy with memories of bubbles and a sticker.


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Tel: 07766 731542 / 07828 182452